How to fill out the order envelope

The RX Optical division of North American Coating Laboratories is happy to serve you and your customers eye wear needs from anti-reflective coatings to fashion mirrors. Below are the directions on how to properly fill out the order envelope. 

Upon receiving new envelopes please verify your address and do not share envelopes with other accounts or locations.

Section A: Print patient’s name and/or tray number on the lines provided.

Section B: Place an “X” in the box or circle the type and color of the coating desired.

Section C: Identify the lens material and use the SPECIAL REMARKS AND INSTRUCTION BOX for any additional information or request. Please note that North American Coating Laboratories will not be responsible for breakages which result from not properly identifying the lens.

Section D: Fill in the Rx information to assist us in providing you the best coating. Mark multi-focals in the space provided. This will help us to keep the correct lenses with correct envelope.

Section E: Place the lenses on the back of the envelope. Use a #2 pencil to draw the outline of both lenses. Please hold pencil straight up and down for the most accurate tracing.

Section F: Detach the top part of the back of the envelope which has the CONTROL NUMBER located on it. Use this number to call and track the job during processing and for your records.

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