Solar Radiation Control (SRC)

Solar Radiation Control (SRC) coating is a sun wear mirror program by NACL to meet market demand for premium fashion sun wear. NACL has designed these coatings for all prescriptions and lens materials. Also, SRC coatings are available on a pre-coated stock basis in plano lenses. Learn more about our SRC coating service and capabilities below.

Solar Radiation Control Kit

Purchase your 24-piece lens book with samples of mirror colors here

$100 + $20 S&H

Mirror on Clear Kit

Purchase your 12-piece lens book with samples of mirror colors here

$85 + $20 S&H

Reflex Mirrors

Reflex mirror coatings have been available in the industry for more than 20 years. They can be applied to all types of lenses with excellent results. The reflex mirror consists of a series of coating layers, which attenuates visible light transmission. In most cases, the density is 20% to 30% darker than the original uncoated lens. Reflex mirrors should be applied to base tint of at least 50%. Base tints of Grey and Brown gives the best results. Reflex mirrors are the only mirrors available in solid, single gradient, and double gradient versions. Reflex mirrors are offered in Silver, Gold, Blue and Rainbow mirror colors.

The Black Mirror

The Black Mirror is an exclusive NACL coating that provides a true “signature look” and is considerably different from other types of colored mirrors. This specialty mirror is reminiscent of industrial black chrome and has less density than a flash mirror for subtle highlights of eye-catching tints.

Dielectric Mirrors

Dielectric mirrors are a thin film technology developed by NACL. This coating utilizes between 5 and 11 layers of material that alone are virtually colorless, but when combined result in a brilliant and vivid mirror effect. These mirrors do not add density to the lens and are therefore perfect for all outdoor activities and lens material.

Metalectric Mirrors

Metalectric mirrors are hyper-reflective filters designed for maximum protection from the sun’s harmful rays. NACL designed these mirrors for improved durability and scratch resistance. Furthermore, these mirrors can be applied to all lens materials. These mirrors are available in hyper-reflective colors: Electric Blue and Extreme Green.

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