Protective Eyewear

Protecting your customers eyes doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice comfort and fashion. With a partner like NACL you can rest assured that your clients will have both the best optical coating performance as well as the best fashion mirror options for customization.

Extreme Sports: High Density Mirrors for Ultimate Sun Protection

Your customers are serious about their sport and serious about their style! Upgrade their protective eyewear with a mirror coating from NACL. Our Sportlife mirror series is designed to give your customers the competitive edge on both land and sea!

Medical and Dental Practitioners: Easy to Clean Protective Coatings

NACL offers protective coating solutions for specialty eyewear worn by medical and dental practitioners. We offer both vacuum-applied and dip-applied hardcoating solutions to protect your customer’s lenses from wear and tear. Our coating experts also understand that your customer’s protective eyewear must be easy to clean and durable, which is why we offer a hydrophobic overcoat to improve lubricity and make them easy to keep clean every time.

Visors: Stand Out on the Practice Field

Football visors provide an added layer of protection on the field. Anti-reflective coatings on visors reduce the glare of the sun and improve the visual acuity of the player. With the addition of a tint, the players field of vision also improves without obscuring their eyes. This style of visor is typically compliant with league rules and regulations. However, sometimes your clients will want to stand out on the practice field! NACL is Here to Help with that too! Adding a fashion mirror to your customer’s visor gives them an opportunity to make a statement!

Television & Film Production

NACL is proud to offer a variety of services to TV and film production. We partner with wardrobe and prop departments to provide optical coatings for a variety of eyewear pieces. Our work can be seen in a highly popular medical drama as well as variety of high-flying action movies.

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