Are your customer’s lenses “Selfie Ready”? With an anti-reflective coating from NACL they can be!

Anti-reflective (AR) coatings are made up of multiple layers of metal oxides that reduce and eliminate reflection from the front and rear surfaces of ophthalmic lenses. This allows more light to pass through the lens, improving the vision of the wearer as well as decreasing the glare you see in photos.
NACL’s Opticlear AR coating for ophthalmic lenses not only improves the vision of the wearer; it also is designed to be easy to clean and scratch resistant. Our specially designed oleophobic and hydrophobic top coatings help protect the lens from scuffs and scratches as well as making them much easier to clean! A common question that is asked is “are anti reflective coating worth it?”. Opticians unanimously agree that they are well worth the cost for the amount they help reduce eyestrain and improve your vision.

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